And a Psychiatrist Would Know How to Fix Yours

Email Sent in by James:

:) James,

Why thew lips so fat in your photos? Did you get into a fight? I think you need medical attention for your fat lips. Looks like you had a fight. Maybe you should post pictures up only after you've had medical attention for the fat lips you have. Lips hsould not be that big and normal people would know that. And you say you are a chemist. A chemist would know how to fix your problem. I hope you are able to solve it and find a woman who will accept you for all your prblems. Peace and love!!!



  1. OP don't pout so hard. I'm sure she didn't mean it! You're not pouting? Well, damn.

    1. so mean! Don't get me wrong it's just the right level of mean. But still, so mean.

  2. Emily's ego could use some deflating too. What a hose-beast!


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