Finally, There's Proof

Profile Sent in by Radha:

What I'm doing with my life

I collect mp3s and tickle the unwary. It's kind of my thing. It's hard to decide whether to tickle a man or a woman. A man will become upset and usually threaten violence. A woman will rarely threaten violence but will yell and scream. Those who say there is no difference between the sexes can end the argument right here. I might be the first person to find exclusive proof. Anyhoo that's my life at the moment. How about you?


  1. We know this to be made up because anyone whose hobby was tickling unsuspecting strangers would surely be murdered brutally.

    1. Perhaps in the US. In Canada, the tickled person would apologise for not liking it.

  2. Is it bad that the most irritating part to me is spelling it 'anyhoo'?


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