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Email Sent in by David:


To day I finally realized that the problem is that men and women are fundamentally incompantible. Romance only exists because Hallmark and chocolate companies say it has to. This is a turning point for all humankind (and childkind too lol). We are free from the fetters of those who would profit off of sorrow. We are free today. I will show you the way and that is to leave this site and all date sites for good. They make money off of your failure. The more often you fail the more money they make. They want you to fail. "WE are dating sites and we want you to fail." When you find love they STOP MAKING MONEY! DON'T YOU PEABRAINS SEE IT. I am senting this to everyguy. You should forward it to everygirl to wake them up!!!!!



  1. It's because we are all so incompantible.

  2. Well, guess I shouldn't be looking for any flowers or cards from this chick.

  3. I recently put on a few pounds and am finding myself a tad bit incompantible.


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