Like a Box of Chocolates

Story Sent in by Walter:

I was on what turned out to be my only date with Rosie. We were walking around town looking for a place to have lunch. We passed a chocolate shop and she essentially glued herself to the window.

"Oh my god! Look at the chocolate!"

While I agreed that it was a nice display and that chocolate was great, we had lunch to go eat. I asked her if she wanted to grab a piece and then continue on our way.

She went into the store and I followed her in. Once inside, she didn't look at just every display. She looked at every piece of chocolate in the entire store. She thumbed through rows of identical chocolate bars, picked up every identical box to check its ingredients, and looked at every chocolate pile in every display case.

After 20 minutes of it I asked her, "Are you going to buy anything?"

She said, "Don't be in such a hurry."

It had been 20 minutes already. She picked up a wrapped chocolate bar, inspected it, and put it back down. Then she picked up the same bar, inspected it again, and put it back down. Then she did the same thing with an identical chocolate bar right next to it. I decided that she was playing me and decided to give her another 10 minutes before I walked.

After 10 minutes of her looking at things she had already looked at, I asked her, "Ready to go?"

She said, "Why are you in such a rush? I'm still deciding."

"It's been a half-hour. Do you need another half-hour? An hour?"

She snarled, "I'll take as long as I want and you'll wait."

I said, "I'll wait for you at lunch. How about that?" and left her there.

It wasn't until halfway through lunch at the cafe that I realized I hadn't told her where I'd be for lunch. Oops.


  1. What's with people needing to "test" their dates so early in a relationship? Save the mind games until well after the honeymoon phase. Wait until you're both emotionally attached and hopelessly codependent before expecting 'em to put up with extra nonsense. That's what the successful crazies do.

  2. Bet she didn't even know your were gone.

  3. OP learned that day to never try to keep a PMSing woman away from chocolate...

    Chocolate is proof that Chunky Horse loves us, and wants us to be happy...

  4. Read the story and was waiting for the op to mention a group of Oompa Loompas breaking out in song in the chocolate store.Because apparently his date was Veruca Salt.


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