An Attitude Like That

Story Sent in by Louis:

Cara laughed when she saw me and said, "You do not look like your pictures."

My Tinder photos were all less than six months old so I didn't know what she was talking about. She went on, "Where are you treating me to dinner?"

It hadn't been established that I was "treating" her at all. My philosophy is to pay for dinner if I think there's a good chance for a second date. And only then.

We went out for Chinese and she droned on about her ex-boyfriend and how he was in the navy and how he had promised to marry her and then he was injured and he asked her to take care of him and she got bored with him and dumped his "crippled ass."

She ordered soup, an appetizer, and an entree. Whenever I tried to change the subject she inevitably tugged us back to talking about her "derpy ex" his "bleeding heart liberal" family and their "three mangy dogs."

"Or four mangy dogs," she corrected herself, "including my ex." She laughed at that. She was so funny!

When the check came I looked it over and gave her her total. She stared at me and actually laughed again. Then she stopped laughing. "You're serious?" she asked.

Damn right I made her pay. After I did she actually said to me, "See if you ever get any with an attitude like that."

I guess she was God's gift. But if she was, I hope God gave us a gift receipt.


  1. And if there is a God she was hit by a bus on the way home.... The End

  2. Uh,it's tinder,I thought it's basically a hookup provider.

    Maybe a meal was her fee.

  3. She did a pretty excellent job of making herself sound like a horrible person. Glad you made her pay OP.

  4. what do you mean, "red flags?"

  5. Honestly it might be because I'm not from the US but it seriously baffles me how often people seem to expect a guy who's on a date with a woman to be the one who pays. It is 2016, right? Last time I checked, women were allowed to earn money too...


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