You Set it Straight, All Right

Story Sent in by Daniel:

Cathryn and I met up at a bar. At one point she asked me what time it was and I checked my phone, as I wasn't wearing a watch. I then put my phone away and told her what time it was.

She then asked, "Why'd you look at your phone? Are you seeing someone else?"

I said, "I checked my phone to look at the time."

"You were looking at a text. I saw a text on there. From some girl."

I showed her my phone screen. Blank, except for the time.

Cathryn said, "You deleted it. There was a text on there. From some girl."

I said, "There wasn't. Maybe you can thank me for me telling you the time and we can move on."

She said, "I saw it! There was a text from some girl!"

"Thank me for telling you the time and move on."

"I saw a text! Don't you tell me I'm crazy! I saw a text! I saw a text! I saw a text! I saw a text!"

Someone needed to set her straight. I slammed my fist on the bar and yelled, "There was no text! Thank me for telling you the time or shut up!"

She stared at me like I had slaughtered her whole family. She then took off without a word. Psycho weirdo.


  1. They both sound like total whack jobs. They deserve each other.

  2. You should have walked out calmly instead of yelling like a psycho weirdo. Was a thank you that important?

  3. Jealous and violent. Why didn't it work out?

    1. Those are usually a match made in Springer heaven...

  4. Ah, gotta love dudes who feel they need to "set women straight" by slamming their fists around...

  5. oh a red flag?? well, I'LL just throw out an even LARGER one, as she needs to be set straight. What a crazy psycho she was. (she clearly had more than one problem and should have been dropped. he's just crazy, too)

  6. Movies and television tell us that slamming our fist into something, wall, desk, bar, etc, and forcefully yelling something will cause immediate understanding in the receiver and they will understand they were wrong and we both move on and laugh, have sex, maybe fall in love later. Reality tells us that it just makes people afraid or angry. "Setting people straight" never works because its basically just an insult.

    TLDR - Bitches be crazy and dudes be angry.

    (Do guys have an equivalent for 'bitches'?)

  7. Wow. She may be crazy, but OP has anger management issues. I think his response negates hers. Maybe they deserve each other. Since when is it appropriate in public, let alone in private, to slam your fist down and scream at someone. SMH.

  8. Until the fist slamming on the bar broke things up a bit, I just saw this playing out. Only with more of the anger and the drinking.

  9. I'll go against the grain and say that I have no anger management problem, but I would probably have ended up putting my fist on the table. I think it's slightly more civilised than to tell her to fuck off. Nonetheless,OP was totally justified to be angry.

    1. I'd say slamming your fist on the table is only OK if you're laughing or you're in a Journey video.

  10. You're both psycho weirdos actually

  11. She clearly had a serious issue (either an awful past or a mental illness) but the way you antagonized her...
    Screaming at her to thank you for the time? Seriously? You sound like you have anger management issues, or narcissism, or always need to be right - one or all of those.


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