Time to Bounce

Email Sent in by Jocie:

Would you like tio meet for the boingboing. We are on this site for one reason and onereason only and that is boingboing. My word. Great uncle boingboing is knokcing on your doorstep. Will you have the courage to enter his house. Whaty wiil you find within. You will find strips of ribbons and meat and ribbons of meat frm the ceiling. I wanted to write you for months and now its all coming out wrong. Just let me know for boingboing.



  1. Forever and always, I shall refer to sex as "boingboing." It shall be amazing in all aspects.

    1. I was promised comment boingboing...

    2. I'm a comment tease. Besides, you never took me to comment dinner. I'm hardly THAT easy.

    3. Oh, it meant sex! Thought it was either about trampolining of plane spotting (looking for some Boeing)

  2. '...boingboing is knocking on *your* doorstep. Will you... ...enter *his* house?'
    This bugged me more than anything else.


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