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(What did Oscar-winning screenwriter Charles Randolph (The Big Short) teach me about writing? Find out on this week's Jared's Inkwell! -JMG)

Profile Sent in by Major:

About Me:

It's 11:72PM and they won't let me go to bed so here is all you need to know: I am Ling. I have three brothers. Each of them are older and I am the youngest. I do know that my parents are both upholsterers. They met in an upholstery factory. I have three brothers. Each of them has two ears. Six ears total for my three brothers. They waited in line and were wach awarded their ears at a special upholstery ceremony. They picked them and they were sewed on. Made from skins and fabric they caught/chose themselves. Lets see what else. I have two ears but was born with them. My two brothers have tails. I want to SCREAM.


  1. Sounds like a rough start to a creepypasta.

  2. I have two ears and I must scream

  3. Mistaken a dating site for a creative writing workshop...

  4. I, too, tend to get a little restless at 11:72 PM. (call me, Ling)


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