Smoothie Queen

Story Sent in by Lee:

I thought it would be fun to bring Risa to a place that was renowned for its smoothies. It was by a beach so that was bonus. We went inside and saw that beyond a counter, there was a pile of fruits and vegetables alongside some blenders. We ordered our drinks, I paid, and the cashier told us they'd be ready in a couple of minutes.

Apparently not content to wait, Risa ducked behind the counter, grabbed what fruit she could, and dropped them in a blender.

"Miss! Miss!" The cashier shoved himself between Risa and the blender. "You can't be back here."

"I want a smoothie," Risa said.

"We'll make it for you. You're all set."

Risa said, "I know how to shove fruit in a blender. I can make it."

I stepped in. "Risa, they'll have it done in a minute. You want to come out of there?"

She turned to me with an angry face. "I want to make my smoothie!"

"I just paid them to make it! It'll be done in a minute, right?" I asked the cashier.

The cashier nodded. "We're starting on it right now."

Risa said, "Fine!" and stomped out from behind the counter.

We sat down and the smoothies were delivered to us. She took one sip and spat it on the floor. She then slid her smoothie toward me. She said, "I knew I should've made it. You drink it."

I did. It was great. I suppose my one and only time out with Risa was worth the two smoothies.


  1. There are few things nastier than spitting on the floor. Does she not understand how napkins work?

  2. You missed a golden opportunity to title this post "Smooth Operator".

    1. I think I might have titled a post that, at one point. Maybe. Who can say?

  3. I don't think she quite understands the concept of ordering food... Then again, she might have some form of ocd she can't control which dictates she must make her own food or it'll taste terrible. OP, she was crazy either way, but now I want a smoothie and I blame you.


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