Hold the Door

Story Sent in by Marcene:

David and I were out to dinner and he sent his water back twice because it "tasted like something died in it." My water, likely from the same source, tasted fine. He picked at his food and droned on about some girl drama that had happened to him in college. We were both in our thirties at this point, FYI.

After dinner, he walked ahead of me towards the restaurant entrance. But then he stopped and said to me, "You should go first."

I did and when I made it to the door, I held it open for him. He said, "I can open the door by myself, thank you."

He wouldn't walk through the door I had opened for him and I was standing there like an idiot, so I went through myself and the door closed behind me. Then he opened it himself and walked out.

I had to ask, "Why did you want me to go first?"

He said, "So if there was a killer waiting outside, he'd get you first." He said it without a smile or a trace of humor. Indeed, nothing he said that entire evening was said with a smile or a trace of humor. So I wished him a goodnight and never saw him again.


  1. What a sweet, thoughtful guy.

  2. See, that was his mistake right there. He was having dinner WITH the killer!

  3. There's a part of me that wishes some sort of prize patrol was waiting for the 10,000th customer to go outside, complete with confetti, champagne and a large novelty check.

  4. "A killer"? Waiting outside a door to grab someone? You said he was in his thirties. Are you certain he wasn't six?

  5. Hold the door?.. Hold the door.. Hold door.. HODOR!


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