Virgin on the Ridiculous

Story Sent in by Gaston:

I was out to lunch on a first date with Joan. Not long after our food arrived, she asked me if I was "experienced." Just for clarification I asked her if she meant if I had been with other women.

She replied, "It means what you think it means."

I said, "Yes. A few. Is that all right?"

"Nope," she said, and stood up and left me there with her hardly-eaten lunch and the check.


  1. Well, if you two were Mormon or Jehovah's Witness, it would make a bit more sense...

  2. ... Unless she wanted you to be VERY experienced... maybe she wanted a guy who didn't need a GPS to find the G-Spot...

    1. Or an entire alphabet's worth of STDs.

    2. I'd guess she wanted no experience at all, kinda like wanting to get a puppy so you don't have to retrain bad behavior. Don't worry Gaston, you spared yourself ikea level confusion dealing with that one.

  3. What is it with these women who get mysteriously offended over odd things and leave the date abruptly.

    Look at it this way, OP: at least you didn't get the girl who implied you were a misogynist for opening a door for you.


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