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Profile Sent in by Alexandra:

What I'm doing with my life

I am a mover. That means that I move anything for anybody. Need something moved? Call me. Don't need something moved? Call anyone else. That simple really. I will come to your place and pick up your things and drop them wherever you want. Say what you want but we will always need movers. Robots couldn't do this job. Can't count on them to be careful to pack right to use common sense and what else. Please have donuts.


  1. I should end every professional email I send that way. "I'll bring the materials at 12. Please have donuts."

  2. Bagels= a delicious choice of breakfast.
    Donuts= the perfect, sugary antidote to the hangries, munchies, or any other form of "ies".

  3. Was he looking for a date or a job? Maybe both. He wants to give his lady a moving experience.

  4. Hell, when donuts are involved do labels really matter?

  5. Hell, when donuts are involved do labels really matter?


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