Scream a Little Dream of Me

Story Sent in by Tracy:

When I was out with Robert on our first date he asked me if I wanted to go to sleep with him somewhere. Not "sleep with" him. As in just find a place to lie down and go to sleep, side-by-side.

He said, "I'd volunteer my car but if that's too creepy we can use your car. Or maybe, I dunno, like one of those public bed places."

"Like a homeless shelter?"

"No! I dunno. Just anywhere, really. You can choose where."

I suggested, "Maybe we can have dinner and conversation?"

He said, "Or maybe we could just go to sleep, somewhere. That's different. Fresh. Exciting."

He was pretty adamant about his sleep idea, and I was just kind of not into it. We went back and forth about it for a while until I said, "Maybe we should just call it quits for tonight. Wait until sometime when you're not as tired."

He said, "I always sleep better with someone next to me. Call me if you change your mind."

"I will."

I didn't.


  1. OP lays down with her date in her car, wakes up with a ball gag in a basement chained to a wall. No thanks.

    He should sign up for a Cuddle Party. It's a real thing, I swear.

  2. He was absolutely going to put the moves on... The whole "just sleep" thing is a lame attempt at trying to appear "non-threatening" or whatever. OP sounds like it pretty much would have worked on her, had she been a bit more tired...

  3. Some people have a legit need to be with a person in order to enjoy a good rest. Others wish their chosen bed partner didn't kick so much. *pointed look at non-comment husband*

    1. He doesn't clip his toenails NEARLY as much as he should, either... ouch!

      Come to the Light Side, Bananas...

    2. You? The Light Side? Lord Chunky Horse would be severely disappointed in you Steve. Besides, the Dark Side is way better.

  4. It sounded like fun. Who needs both of their kidneys anyway?


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