How Number One Songs Are Made

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Story Sent in by Jill:

Robert messaged me online and through our emails I discovered that he was a college dropout who worked as a part-time contractor while trying to hit it big in a local band.

On our lunch date the dropout topic came up and I asked him, "Have you thought about returning to school?"

He replied, "If you give me the money, sure."

I sighed, "Maybe you'll save up enough to go back if you want to."

He said, "I'd have enough to go back if you just gave it to me, now."

"I don't have it to give you."

He said, "Bull. You're a teacher. Everyone knows teachers rake it in. Give me some."

I said, "We don't, and it's not really my responsibility to give you money."

"Come on. Give me some."

I refused again and again and again. Finally because he wouldn't shut up I dug into my wallet and gave him a penny.

"That's it?" he asked.

Yep. That was it. He said, "We'll have to go out like 20,000 more times at this rate. And you know what? I'm not doing it!" He abruptly stood up and left. I'm sure with a winning personality like that, his success lies just around the corner.


  1. Deflecting the topic, that's what he did. Possibly ashamed of dropping out, especially if dating a teacher, so acted like an idiot just to mask this. In my field of work, this is normal behaviour.

  2. Why didn't he just cut the middle man and ask her to teach him? ...In loooove okay wow that was bad

  3. If I was a dropout, and someone said "Have you thought about returning to school?" to me, I'd feel pretty defensive. It's like saying, "Hey, tell me about that big failure you have!" I've also been on lots of dates with teachers (being a former teacher myself), and they seem the most judgmental group out there...

  4. Soooooooooo........ he didn't pay for lunch then?

    1. Um, when a hot dude in a band goes out to lunch with an uptight schoolmarm, who do YOU think is footing the bill?

  5. I feel like there's another side to this story.

  6. I bet he was only seconds away from asking to "crash at her place for a few days"... you blew it OP, you could be taking care of children at work AND at home. How dare you not nurture his creative genius.


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