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Story Sent in by Jim:

I had dinner with Barbara and then asked her if she wanted to come with me to a fun bar on the other side of town. We had driven separately to the restaurant and she was okay with me driving to the bar, with the plan to drive her back to her parked vehicle when we were done for the night.

When we parked at the bar I undid my seatbelt and stepped out of the car. Then I heard her say, "Uh oh. What's this?"

I turned back into the car and found her struggling to undo her seatbelt. She hammered at the release button, tore at it, and thrashed. She yelled, "Oh God! Oh God! I'm trapped! Oh God! Someone help me! Help me!"

For a couple of seconds I thought she was play-acting but then she seemed to be in a genuine panic. I leaned in to help free her when she flailed violently and yelled, "Get away! Help! This guy is trying to kidnap me! Someone! Please!"

I shouted, "Barbara! I'm trying to help you!" to the crazy woman. She froze for a few moments, giving me enough time to hit the button and release her from the seatbelt. It really was as easy as that.

She tore away from me, flew out of the car, and ran into the bar without a glance back.

At first I was going to follow her, but then I wondered if she had run inside to be around a lot of people in a public place and call the police or something. So I left her there. I guess she found some other way back to her car. I was certainly done with her at that point.


  1. This one confuses me. It'd look like a genuine case of crazy with a side of PTSD if she hadn't so readily stranded herself with the guy.

  2. From the other side:
    I met this guy "Jim" for a first date at a local restaurant. Everything seemed ok at first, then I noticed him giving me the crazy eyes over his pasta. Then he started talking about his ex-girlfriends and how they never made it out of his car alive. We both got a good laugh out of that but it did make me wonder....

    Anyway, we decided to go to a bar across town and that he would drive us there. On the way to the bar, I noticed all the blood stains on my seat and the dash and the bloody hand prints on the window. This guy should really get his car cleaned, amirite? Anyway, "Jim" casually looked over at me and said "This is the part where I tell you I'm not a serial killer" while slowly pressing the door lock button. This put my mind at ease and we enjoyed our ride.

    We pulled up at the bar and as we stopped, a bottle of chloroform rolled out from under my seat. I bent down to pick it up and hand it to "Jim" when I realized my seat belt was too tight. I jerked at it and it wouldn't budge! I started to panic and thoughts raced through my head. What had he done to my seat belt?! Was he trying to kidnap me? That couldn't be, right? I started to scream and open the seat belt but it was stuck. There was some sort of button!? How the hell did this thing work?

    Then "Jim" leaned over saying he was trying to "HELP" me! I writhed against his seat belt torture device until I managed to break free and run into the bar! Thank god I escaped! Luckily I met some nice guys in the bar who said they would protect me by taking me down to their basement.

  3. If we mix this girl's hyper-vigilance with the previous story's girl's complete LACK of it, we might have just the right amount...

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Never be entirely unaware of your surroundings and situation, but that doesn't mean every guy you come in contact with is out to steal your virtue. Why do some of us women have to take everything to such extremes?

    2. Smaller frontal lobes.

    3. I don't know Steve, I've seen some pretty large frontal lobes on women.

    4. Risky click of the day.


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