sU tcatnoC t'noD sneilA eht yhW

Profile Sent in by Jordan:

What I'm doing with my life

.em ot etirw ot deen uoy neht edoc eht dekcarc evah uoy fI !kcarc ot tey eno tsedrah eht si siht dna sedoc ni gnitirw ekil I ?sedoc kcarc ot ekil uoy ebyaM .yas ot nuf ytterp si kcarc drow ehT .kcarc gurd ot kcarcssa referp I ?em ot etirw nac uoy spahreP .kcarcssa fo erutcip a dnes esaelP .sknahT


  1. I bet this guy has a hard time with the Junior Jumble

  2. If this is his hardest code to "crack", then he stinks.

  3. .sekatsim gnilleps eht gnidnif saw ,edoc eht gnikcrac naht redraH.

  4. !elohllid eniargim ym rof enicidem deen I woN

  5. This code only succeeded in making me annoyed as I read on.


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