Sky Guy

Story Sent in by Opal:

Tony had planned a nice outdoors day for us hiking in a small park just outside of town. But it rained the day of our date so I thought we could just grab coffee or lunch or whatever.

Tony called me a little before I was supposed to meet him. He said, "It's raining out. That really pisses me off. It was supposed to be sunny."

I tried to be an optimist. "We can still have fun. Maybe go for coffee or a museum?"

"Fine. Let's meet at Knight's Cafe at three."

When we met outside of Knight's, he was clearly upset at the rain. He stared at the sky like he really wanted to intimidate it and even yelled, "Why are you rainy? I hate the damn rain! Can't you be sunny for once?"

I invited him into the cafe and asked him if he was done raging at the sky gods.

He said, "I'll meet you in there. I'm just really pissed off and I want it to know."

Fair enough. I went inside and had a relaxing pot of jasmine tea. He finally came in, soaking wet. He didn't want anything and kept glancing out the window at the sky. After I was done with my tea, we made some stilted small talk and went our separate ways.

It was sunny the next day, so whatever he did to threaten the sky must have worked. That or he was just plain nuts.


  1. "...whatever he did to threaten the sky must have worked." He went our into a field and screamed Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the sky until it gave in to his demands.

  2. Next time date a more... tribal... guy. Then if it rains, you can go on a dancing date, and that should clear things right up! Oh, wait, maybe it's the opposite...


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