Rabbits and Pieces

Email Sent in by Scott:

There are rabbit pics in my profile because I take care of rabbits. I started with 2 and now I have close to 31. I say close to because I thought one was giving birth last week but it turned out it was just a large poop hanging out of its ass. Shows what I know about babies I guess. If you can tell me more about babies then write back. Or not. I don't care.



  1. When a mommy commenter and a daddy commenter love each other VERY much...

  2. Please report her to the local authorities. Seriously It is just going to get horrific for those rabbits. Note: I do animal rescue work and had helped in a hoarder situtation.

  3. "I started with 2 and now I have close to 31." I say close because I'm still in the middle of eating one of the little buggers.

  4. This girl is hilarious.


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