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Story Sent in by Floyd:

I found Norma's profile on a dating site and we arranged to meet after a few messages. She gave me her address and I drove there one weeknight to pick her up for dinner.

What I found was a dark, quiet house. She didn't respond to my texts or calls and I went up to the door to ring the bell.

The door itself was plastered with full-color photos of my dating site profile pictures, all enlarged to fit on 8.5x11" paper. It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I rang the bell and even peeled some of the photos off the door to check if Norma had written any sort of explanations on the back of them.

There weren't any and I wasn't about to stick around this creepy place. I left the photos on the door and I took off. And Norma had blocked my access to her profile, so I never spoke to her again.


  1. Replies
    1. I've seen that before. What is that from?

    2. The once great and finished poorly Showtime original "Dexter".

  2. You were gonna take a stranger out to dinner after a few messages? Don't feed the dinner wh0res!

    Learn2coffee, n00b!

  3. There are so many reasons this could have happened, but rather than explain the complicated psychological issues that might accumulate into what happened here, I'll simple say this: this bitch is grade A crazy.

    1. She totally had a hidden camera somewhere on that porch...

  4. Norma? I think not.

    Wait...is Norma short for normal? It isn't? Never mind then.

  5. Why are none of ya'll stating the obvious? Norma became yet another victim of Chunky Horse. The photos were just warning Floyd thay he'd be next.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Longtime lurker here - just playing the ABCOTD drinking game. Take a drink everytime chunky horse is mentioned and also every time Archie posts a pic link. I have been listening to a lot of creepypastas on youtube - would love to hear a chunky horse one sometime.

    2. Muahahahahaha! Time to get you fucked up my friend!

      The Chunky Horse Dating Profile:

      Chunky horse loves magic, did you know that? It's because He had a magical childhood.

      Chunky Horse is a big fan of DiCaprio too. He was so happy when Leo won the Oscar.

      His favorite holiday is Christmas, for obvious reasons.

      Chunky Horse is a creature of many talents. He loves water sports (both varieties) and enjoys a good beer with His friends.

      You should contact Chunky Horse if:

      You have HBO and would like to watch cool horse based movies late at night.
      You have a spare chainsaw laying around and need someone to help you use it.
      You like murdering/being murdered.
      You like Chipotle. (Cause CH gets down on some burritos)


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