A Pair of Meatballs

Story Sent in by Tracy:

I wore a dark red outfit on my lunch date with Leon and he told me I looked like a meatball. I asked him if that was a crack about my weight and he said that he wanted to put me between two buns and take a big wet bite out of me.

At lunch he said he was a vegetarian but he ordered a meatball wedge, saying that it was because I looked like a fat meatball. He asked me what I was getting for lunch and I told him I was going to order an asshoIe because he kept behaving like one. He said he wanted to see me order an asshoIe.

When the waitress came by he ordered his wedge and I told her I'd have a burger. Right in front of the waitress Leon asked, "I thought you were going to order an asshoIe."

I pointed to him and replied, "One's already at the table."

He laughed it off but I could tell he was mad at me. At the end of lunch he made me pay for my burger and he took off.


  1. "He made me pay for my burger". Well obviously. Did you really think this was going well?

  2. "He made me pay for my burger." Well, you're the one that ate it, no?! Dinner wh0re FAIL!

  3. While I would have walked after the "big wet bite" comment, I wish I could have been that waitress. I'm sure she tells the story all the time.

  4. You can order those, I've seen them. A bit on the chewy side though.

    Also OP, so sorry he MADE you pay for the food that you ordered and ate. That is the WORST!

  5. It seems as if OPs figure may have been a shock to him which leads me to believe the conversation never came up (which is doubtful) or OP is one of those that likes to use headshots only in the dating site profile.

  6. Wow. The often read comment here is "why OP stayed so long in the date?" I normally believe that it is a sign that the OP have manners and it is simply rude to leave abruptly. But in this case... For crying out loud, the guy start the date with insults! Before even sitting at the table. What the heck.

    1. Obviously OP stayed only because she wanted free food. I am glad it failed!


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