A Lesser Man

Email Sent in by Chana:


It seems that we have a lot in common. If you see my profile and agree then maybe you can write me back. Of course you don't have to. It is a free country. Just know that if you ignore me and you instead choose a lesser man and are happy for a few years and have his kids and then have a messy divorce and threaten to kill his kids if he doesn't give you everything you want and when he gives you all you want and you kill his kids anyway and they send you away for as many life sentences as his kids you killed then maybe during one of those long hours locked away (believe me you will have lots of time on your hands :p) you'll recall that we could have had a happy life together. Haha!



  1. He spends his sleepless nights wondering why every woman he's ever loved has murdered their children. Is he the catalyst? Could it be him? Hank dreads the answer...

    1. I have to applaud his imagination. Was he writing this train of thought, or is this a case of copy and paste? Either way, this interesting fellow would have gotten a reply from me, if only to decide whether his future children were worth eventually murdering.

    2. You DO realize that this is your future, since you married a guy that's NOT me, right?

    3. Bananas murders her own children, then assumes the mantle of Chunky Horse to seek vengeance on the world. A love story, in theaters this fall.


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