Eh. Maybe If You Were 49 Miles Away.

Profile Sent in by Ronald:

My self-summary:

Maybe you have heard about me maybe not. Who cares. I know I am the only guy on this site within a 50 mile radius of some of you women and still no one ever says hi. On here every day and everyone checks out my profile but no one ever says a word. Ladies: a tip from a man: you need to give some to get some. Nothing is free in this life. You have to grow a pair and write to me. I'll then take the pair and tittys. You know it feels good don't deny yourself don't deny your womanhood. It is GOD given and special. Don't waste them another night in front of tv. Write me and we will see what we will see.


  1. *quietly picks up phone and dials 911*

  2. I picture this guy living in a trailer in the middle of a desert, with rattlesnakes slithering around and windchimes made out of bones. He can only swipe his Tinder between 2 people...

  3. "I'll then take the pair and tittys."

    It was weird, then he went straight to titties.


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