Day at the Museum

Story Sent in by Tommy:

Crystal and I were on a second date at the American Museum of Natural History. We browsed the galleries and were having a nice time when she said she needed to find a bathroom. We walked to the closest one and she instructed me to wait for her outside. What else was I going to do?

While I waited I pulled out my phone and checked my email. After browsing for a bit I realized that a lot of time had passed and that Crystal hadn't returned to me. I texted her, "Everything okay in there?"

She wrote back, "Oh you noticed I was gone. That's nice. When I came out of the bathroom you didn't even care so I went off on my own."

I must not have seen her as I was on my phone. But whereas a normal girl would come up to me and I'd put my phone away and we'd continue on, Crystal seemed to be really upset about something that wasn't any kind of a big deal. I texted back, "You could've just come up to me. Where are you?"

She replied, "NOW you care? You'll have to find me if you care that much. You really didn't seem to care before."

I texted, "Can you give me a hint?"

She replied, "No. Prove you care. Find me."

I strolled through the museum at my own pace without any real urgency. It's a huge building and she wasn't a missing child (although I guess in some respects, she was) so I wasn't pulling my hair out over it.

After a couple of hours of enjoying my solo time and not finding her, I was ready to go. I texted her, "I'm about to head out. You coming?"

She wrote back, "Have you found me yet?"

I replied, "No."

She didn't respond. So I left. And as far as I know she's still there, haunting the galleries, ever-seeking the man who just didn't care.


  1. Y I K E S. She sounds a few splats short of a modern piece. I wonder how long she spent hiding in a broom closet.

  2. I take it this was supposed to be a test, and he failed.

    1. Failed miserably. She's a strong independent woman who don't need no man, except when she wants one to jump through hoops to prove he's 'worthy' of her. She's a delicate goddamn flower and deserves to be treated accordingly.

  3. Replies
    1. That freaked me out much more than it should have.

    2. Archie, I didn't know you painted CHUDs?!

    3. Arch you're lovely as always. God that was creepy, though!

      This girl seems to think the only way a guy could care about her would be if he dropped everything in his life and gave her his complete attention. Don't get me wrong, it feels amazing when a guy actually does that for you even if just during the course of a date, but it's not something you can force or ask for. "Love" is a response, not something demanded.

    4. I give you my complete comment attention...

  4. Any girl that goes on a date to a Natural History museum is clearly looking for a bone. Way to mess up a sure thing!


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