Time Flies and Sushi Rolls

Story Sent in by Jorge:

Tera picked a sushi restaurant for our first date. I arrived there on time, grabbed a table, and waited for her.

She didn't show after several minutes so I texted her to ask if she was on her way or lost. She wrote back that she was there. I looked around. Not too many people were in the restaurant and Tera definitely wasn't among them. I texted her to confirm the name of the place and the address. She replied that she was there, sitting down at a table.

She wasn't. I told her that if she was really there then she should come to my table, since I didn't see her anywhere. She didn't write back for a while and I texted her, "Hello?"

She said, "Didn't see you. Left with another guy five minutes ago. Try again next time."

What she had written made no sense, but I wasn't about to play games. I left. As I headed through the restaurant's front door, I nearly collided with a young woman who was barreling in. I recognized her at once.


She blinked at me and said, "Hey Jorge. Sorry it didn't work out. Bye," and then she turned tail and took off like I was chasing her.

I was so stunned that I didn't move for a few moments. Then I shrugged her off as crazy and went home.


  1. This girl clearly had issues... perhaps crack? Maybe heroine? Or perhaps she's simply so incapable of saying "I've decided against this date at the last minute," that she felt compelled to make up a string of extremely strange lies. Bullet dodged, is what I'm getting at here.

    1. If she decided against it at the last minute, then why was she still trying to enter the restaurant as he was leaving, AFTER she told him that she "left with another guy." It doesn't make sense...

      My guess is that she wanted to observe him from afar before deciding if she was going to sit down with him and commence Dinner Wh0re Mode.

    2. I'm not saying my suggestion could be any more correct, but why would she say she'd left in that case? He'd be pretty much guaranteed to leave right then. If she had wanted to sneak in and watch him she would have just said she would be late.

  2. I'd have at least gotten some sushi to go.

  3. My guess is that she went to the wrong restaurant, convinced she was right, convinced it was the OP playing up and being a dick. Flustered by (what she thought was) being stood up, she wrote that angry text about leaving with another guy, while walking out (alone). It is then she realised her mistake and ran to the right place just to end face to face with the OP. Probably extremely embarrassed, she played aloof and uninterested to save face and ran away, probably to hide herself!

  4. @ Steve - No way she could be a Dinner Wh0re. Everyone knows Dinner Wh0res can't resist free sushi.

    1. As a certified dinner whore wrangler, I can confirm.


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