An Affair to Forget

Story Sent in by Mark:

Kathleen's profile was awesome. Kathleen's photos were cute. Kathleen replied to my messages and seemed like a lot of fun. I looked forward to meeting Kathleen.

When we did meet, Kathleen told me she was married.

"You're what?" I asked her to be sure I had heard her correctly. Her profile, after all, definitely said she was single.

"I'm married. Just over a year."

I was a little disappointed and more than a little confused. "So... this isn't a date, then," I stated.

She said, "It can be! I've never done this before. What happens now?"

I was incredulous. "What happens now? You go back to your husband an I go back to... to... not that."

She said, "No! I really care about you. I want to know how we're going to do this."

"Do what? Have an affair? I'm not interested."

She asked, "But what's our next step? Do we go somewhere private to talk about this or do we pretend it's like an actual date or what? How have you done it in the past?"

"Done what? Had an affair? I never have!"

She looked at me like I was nuts. "You haven't? Are you sure?"

"Yes! I can't do this. I'm sorry."

She looked really frustrated and said, "Okay, well do you have any friends who'd be interested? My husband will never know. I'll make sure of it."

I informed her that I didn't know of anyone who had experience running an affair (to my knowledge) and I left shortly thereafter.


  1. By her behavior I would swear she had some crazy belief that one HAD to have an affair during marriage as some sort of social obligation. She seemed completely juvenile and naive about the whole thing. Someone, not you OP, should have a sit down with her husband and ask him why he married a grown woman whose brain was missing a frontal lobe.

  2. I think she thought all dating sites were Ashley Madison.

    Props to the OP for walking out of that situation. Lots of people would have stuck around in hopes of some action.

    1. Eatin' ain't cheatin'!

    2. Let Briana Foster tell you that one after you two have been married for a while and have a few little Chunky Horses running around at home.

  3. Find her on fb and post "had fun on our date!!"


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