Adopt, Drop, and Roll

Emails Sent in by Frank:

Hi Frank,

One thing I am surprised you have not asked me yet is if I am adopted (I am). In the photo I posted of myself and my parents you can easily tell that we are not related. I feel no shame in having been adopted nor in the life my parents worked hard to make for me (and I do consider my adoptive parents my ACTUAL parents). You might have many questions but it all comes down to one: if you have a problem with me being adopted then I cannot change that and I am sorry. Also you are very intolerant and unable to see beyond the bridge of your nose. If you can see beyond it and have an open mind with it then we can talk about it and I can answer all questions you have.



Hi Sandy,

That's cool that you were adopted. I don't have any questions. Your profile says that you are a pro photographer. What do you like to photograph? And that's cool that you can find a way to do it professionally.




You did not ask me anything about me being adopted. I can only include that you are not interested in me. Good luck out there.



  1. If he understood Womenspeak, he'd know that she was clearly wanting him to ask about it..

  2. It's one of those people who built an entire religion about themselves and expects others to know which votive candle to traditionally light. I used to wonder what the, "You're SPECIAL!" children would grow up to be like.

    1. I bet she got a trophy for every soccer match she played.

  3. Some people have for sole mission in life is to show how wrong you are. No matter what you do, YOU'RE WRONG. I would bet that if the OP did ask her questions about being adopted, she would have accused him of making a big deal about it and having an issue...


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