The True Meaning of the Holidays

Story Sent in by Amy:

After we had been seeing each other for about two weeks, Jacob and I went to a department store to do some holiday shopping. I browsed some clothes racks then looked around for him but didn't see him anywhere.

After retracing my steps a few times, I walked by a circular rack and Jacob burst out from it, yelling, "Raaaaaggh!"

I screamed and jumped back, but Jacob had the worst of it. He somehow must have caught his foot in a part of the rack. He fell as he lunged at me and the rack collapsed on top of him.

I ran out of the store. When I went back, two clerks were putting the rack back up and I didn't see Jacob anywhere. He didn't respond to my emails or texts and I never heard from him again.


  1. Why didn't you help him? Poor guy was just trying to be playful

  2. Um, you ran out of the store instead of making sure he was okay? I can see why he ignored you.


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