The Call of the Badger Girl

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My self-summary:

Miss my badger girls every day. BADGER GIRL FOR LIFE! In HS I was on girls field hockey and was a proud badger girl. Now I'm still friends with all my girls and I LOVE them! Funny story time? Once I sewed butt-flaps into all our pants for Italian class and they liked them so much that they kept the pants and used them when they went to the toilet! Can you imagine?? Miss my badger girls. Two are in Washington state one in DC one in Florida and one in New York. But distance doesn't matter! WE ARE BADGER GIRLS FOR LIFE! Any man in my life has to know that my girls come first. Now and forever!


  1. The other girls haven't talked to you since? Obviously those honey badgers don't give a Shit.

  2. Obviously she's a Badger, OP. The only question is, Are you a mushroom or a snake?

    And, sadly, the website www.WhatBadgersEat.com seems to be down, so for dinner plans, your guess is as good as mine.

  3. Because butt-flaps for Spanish or Latin wouldn't be at all appropriate.

  4. This story is WAY better if you mentally change the word "badger" to "beaver".


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