Put it All on Black Friday

Story Sent in by Spike:

A little bit after Ellendra and I started dating I took her to a local casino one Friday night. As soon as we entered she practically ran for the roulette tables ("I have a system!" she said).

Soon afterward she had burned through all her money and hit me up for some. She told me, "I'm putting it on black. That's the best thing to do."

I gave her $20. She lost it. She asked for money again. I gave her $10. She lost that. She asked for money again.

That time, though, I said, "My turn," and I put $20 on black for myself. The wheel came up black. I then put the $40 on black and it came up again.

Pleased that I had beaten the house, I pocketed the $80 in chips and mentally (and perhaps temporarily) decided to call it a night.

Ellendra asked me, "What are you doing? That's my money."

I said, "I gave you $30, which you lost. I put $20 of my own down and that's when I won $80. I'm not going to keep giving you money."

She said, "You gave me that $20 that you turned into the $80. It's mine. Give it to me."

I retorted, "If I'm the one who made it into $80, explain how it's yours."

"You used my system. You're supposed to give it to me. Give me the money!"


"You're really going to do this? You're really going to be an asshoIe?"

"It's my money," I explained again.

She stormed off toward the ATMs, which I felt was a big mistake. She spent the next less-than-an-hour blowing it all at a handful of roulette tables. Once that was over and done with she came up to me and said, "I'll take it, now."

"Take what?"

"The $80 you owe me. The $80 your stole."

"When did I steal $80 from you? I made $80 by myself at roulette, earlier. But that wasn't stolen from anybody. It was mine. I made it."

She said, "You were supposed to be helping me. We both know whose money that is. I can't understand why you're being such a jerk!"

I suggested, "Maybe we should go."

"And let you steal my money? I don't think so."

I said, "I'll rephrase: I'm going. You can stay here and bitch and moan all you want."

She said, "That does it. I'm getting security."

She turned away and made off toward the ATMs again. I took that as my cue to leave. We had arrived there in separate cars, so it was no added complication for me to just take off.

It sounds insane but she later sent me an email with the word "THIEF" written about a thousand times over and over. Needless to say, we were done after that.

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