Eh. I Prefer Reading Schubert.

Email Sent in by Sasha:

Hi! I am a big fan!

What can you tell me about yourself! I am 6-1" have washboard abs and am so smooth between the legs. I like reading the classics: Beethoven, Bach, Mozart. If you can take care of yourself while I am away then I think we can be friends. Or more. I travel a lot for work.

I will ask you to let me know ahead of time if you think we'll be sleeping with each other on a first date. IT IS NOT REQUIRED but I like to know so that I know if to bring protection. If you say no then that is okay for this time. If you say yes then you are in for the greatest night of your short life.



  1. He reads sheet music? Oh and the short life comment was very reassuring that any girl would walk away alive after that great night.

  2. Smooth between the legs, eh?

    In a profile by someone not made of vinegar and water, the line about reading the "classics" would be fuckin' hilarious and totes get a reply and a coffee meetup outta me.


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