Pulled the Mug out From Under

Story Sent in by Douglas:

I somehow ended up in a mall on my date with Stephanie. Inside some housewares store she picked up a nice-looking mug.

“I love this!” she said.

I agreed, “It is pretty nice.”

She then said, “I mean I really, really love this.”

“Maybe you should buy it. How much is it?”

She handed it to me and I flipped it over. $40. For a mug. I handed it back to her. “Buy it if you want it.”

She asked, “Will you buy it for me? Pretty please?”

I laughed and said, “I’m not spending $40 on a mug. Sorry.”

She hoisted it into the air and said, “I’ll break it. Then you’ll have to buy it.”

I reminded her, “If you break it, you’ll have to buy it. This place has cameras everywhere.”

She looked around for the cameras that I guessed might have been trained on our very position. She then shoved the mug back onto the shelf and muttered, “See if you’re getting any, tonight.”

It was a first date and I wasn’t really expecting any. But after that attitude, I didn’t really want any. We continued on to dinner for some reason and the whole time she bitched and moaned about the mug.

“That mug was soooooo nice.”

“It was so cozy and colorful and reminded me of a happy home.”

“Surrrrre wish I had that mug.”

“You know what would make me happy more than anything? That mug.”

After dinner (I made sure we paid separately) I took her back to the housewares store and brought her to the mugs.

“Wait here,” I said.

I left her there with the mugs she loved so much. I was done with her and her stupid games. Did she think I was coming back? Maybe. Did I go back? Nope!


  1. Handy of her to project a whole lifetime of her behavior on the first and last date. Everyone should be so lucky !

  2. Oh wow. This girl sounds familiar....


  3. No sympathy. If he really was turned off that much by the mug pouting in the store, just end the date. Why go to dinner and then punish her?

    1. I love the "No sympathy". Here's a clue: that phrase makes you sound like you are ten years old.

    2. I am with Tony on that. Just be upfront. You wasted her time by playing a passive-aggressive game. She was trying to be a mooch, but an upfront mooch. If I were in that position and a guy on a date with me kept asking for a mug... I'd have declined and told him it wasn't going to work.


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