A Cultured Man

Email Sent in by Virginia:

You are my first e-mail of the morning so good morning. Or as they say in german guten morgen. Spanish is buenas dias. French is bonjour. Chinese is zaoshang hao. See I have culture. My last girlfriend dumped me because she said I had no culture. Like that's even a personality problem. I'm plenty cultured. I visit

1. museums
2. concerts
3. car dealerships
4. cape canaveral
5. newspaper articles (as in I read them)

There is no way to quantify culture. Do I have enough for you? Too little? Who can say? The moron I used to date thought I had too little. Do I have too little for you? Are you a moron? Write back to prove you're not. In fact you should write back with how YOU are cultured. Myabe it's your gender's turn to prove it to ME.


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  1. Just a hunch, but I have a feeling "lack of culture" wasn't the real reason why his ex broke up with him.


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