Dating Rocks

Story Sent in by Sonya:

In high school I dated Jacob. We were both pretty angsty and moody and it was truly a match made in hell. We'd argue a lot but always wound up back together somehow (usually through one of us begging, cajoling, and pleading). But one time Jacob did something that went too far.

The driveway leading up to my parents house had a thin line of white pebbles on either side. One particular night after a nasty blowout with Jacob, I was writing alone in my room when I heard the sound of a pebble hitting my window.

Without having to look, I knew it was Jacob. He had tossed pebbles against my window for my attention a few times before and I had scolded him each time. After all, it made a loud sound that would almost certainly rouse my parents unless they were watching Wheel of Fortune really loud.

I ignored him. But then another pebble hit the window. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. Then another. I thought about turning off my light and leaving the room, but I realized that I shouldn't have to do that. I should be able to write in my room in peace without some ornery boyfriend bothering me every few seconds.

Then came the sound of more than one pebble hitting the window at once. Then again. And again. I bore it for about a minute before I threw my window open to yell at him to take a hike.

But when I opened my window, he threw a fistful of pebbles right into my face.

I screamed every obscenity I knew and tore out of my room. My poor parents must have been scared to death (sorry guys) but I was on the warpath. I barreled out of the house and there was Jacob, standing there like an idiot, just waiting for me.

I didn't wait. I pummeled him with my fists. He tried to run but I yanked at him and punched and kicked and he ultimately ripped himself away from me and took off down the driveway.

It was only a few moments later that I felt a few stinging sensations in my face, where the pebbles had hit. I was fine, although I was cut up a bit. The very next day in school, right in the hallway, with Band-Aids all over my face, I broke up with him.


  1. Hmmmm... not a dating story.

  2. This site defines dating as stories about romantic entanglements. So there's that. But in this case, "In high school I dated Jacob," seems to imply that it might be a dating story. The ABCotD forensics team is on the case and we'll be sure to report back with our findings.

  3. Now try imagining what it would be like with the gender roles reversed. It's plausible the pebbles in the face were an accident due to you suddenly opening the window and you kicked the shit out of him. Not ok.


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