The Coarse Awakens

Story Sent in by Carolyn:

Over the Internet, Jake was charming. On the phone, Jake was funny. I had high expectations for our date. He took me out to a gourmet pizza place.

While we sat there and chatted, it was blindingly obvious that he was checking out the waitress's ass whenever she walked by. I'll be the first to admit that it was really rather lovely, but Jake wasn't on a date with it: he was on a date with me.

"Should I leave you two alone?" I finally asked.

He said, "Who? What? Oh, you mean her?" he glanced at the waitress, "If you don't mind. You want to wait outside while I settle up here?"

The food we had ordered hadn't even arrived yet. I asked, "Are we going to have dinner?"

He said, "I wanted to, but I want to look at what I want without being judged. That a problem? Wait for me outside. I'll be right there."

I gathered my things, stood, and said, "Sounds fair. But if I'm not out there when you get there, it means I went home with some other guy."

I left before he could respond, and I sure as hell didn't wait for him outside.


  1. Should have grabbed a random person outside, took a pic with them, then texted it to him with "Tired of waiting, found someone hotter! Hope you and the waitress have a good night!"

  2. The date was a douche, but I appreciate his honesty. I mean, when an ass like that walks by....


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