Can't Reply. Too Busy Screaming.

Email Sent in by Boris:

I'm Daisy and I like a lot of what you have in your profile. Go Cardinals! I remember you. You were the one who talked out loud in the school library yelling at your computer and demanding that it work. Funny that after all these years I should find you on here. I remembered you by sight alone. Never will I forget those terrifying nights on the second floor of the library. You had the whole space to sit and scream to yourself but you always somehow wound up next to me. Well now the tables have turned. I also think that pizza is the greatest food ever invented. I saw you have Rushdie listed as one of your favorite authors. Which of his works have you read? I love book festivals! Have you been to the St. Louis Jewish Book Festival?

Anyway hope to hear from you. Thank you!

Thank you,


  1. Well Boris, if this thing with Daisy doesn't work out, at least you have a back-up plan.

  2. Also, damnit JMG, why wouldn't you make the girl's name Natasha? Got to start thinking ahead to the comments!

    Also also, I still want to give you money!

    1. Make a Go Fund Me campaign and all my money are belong to you.


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