Stinging in the Rain

Email Sent in by Renee:


I love to do things in the rain. Listening to the rain is one of my foremost hobbies. When people run out to avoid the rain I am the one jumping on puddles. Do you like that? So many women I have dated say rain is romantic rain is sexy rain is puddle jumping time to be little girls again wow look at all the girls jumping in puddles in the rain you are so fun loving and spontaneous. Want to screw in the rain puddle? Now you are silent. All of a sudden when its time for a guy to have fun in the rain things are different! No longer time for the fun! Puddle jumping? Now your face has grown sad and you run inside with the rest of them. A building full of women. Dry women. Dry dry. All out of the rain.

If you are not dry and are in fact wet (in the metaphorical sense) then call me.



  1. What is read at slam poetry night needs to stay at slam poetry night...


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