Solar Soured

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Story Sent in by Bernard:

It was a sunny day when I took Susan out for coffee. In the midst of a pleasant conversation within the cafe, she stood up from our table and went outside. I thought perhaps she had a phone call, but she hadn't told me what she was doing so I didn't know what to expect.

I was able to see her out a window. She faced up toward the sun, extended her arms palms-upward, and just sort of... basked. She was there for around a full minute before she dropped her arms and came back in and picked up the conversation right where we left off.

"What was that about?" I asked her.

"Just needed to recharge."

"Like a plant? What are you talking about?"

She said, "I'm s sun-child. The sun just recharges my energy. It's nothing weird."

It was more than a little weird but I let it slide. Some people just like the sun, I guess. It wouldn't have even been that big a deal but less than 10 minutes later she went outside to do the same thing again.

When she returned I said, "Maybe you just need more coffee. That's what I do to recharge. I'm a coffee-child."

She laughed. "It's not like that. It's been proven that some people just need to sit in the sun to recharge."

"So are you all topped off, now? Or are you going to keep going out there."

"Depends on my energy level. I'll know when I'm low."

"And what do you do on cloudy days?"

"Nothing, really. Just kind of sit under a lamp and wait. Or sleep."

"All day? What if it's a cloudy week?"

She laughed. "Then I have to find a friend to drive me to some sunny weather! There's always some close by. It's how I see life, too."

"What if the sun's not out for 500 miles?"

"Then I just have to sit under my lamp all day and hope it comes out, soon."


Susan didn't recharge again for the rest of the date, so I guess her energy was at a good level. Although more than once she said some variant of, "I just love a good energy recharge, don't you?"

Towards the end of our date she asked me if I wanted to meet up again the following weekend. "Oh!" she said, "I forgot. I'm under the lamp for most of next weekend. I can't do it."

I said, "Okay. You just let me know when you can."

"I will!"

She never did. Neither did I.


  1. Maybe you should offer to take her to a tanning salon for your next date. She might be dying to go out again.

  2. Mom had a one night stand at a costume party and told her kid she was a child of the sun. #goodparenting

  3. I guess she thinks she's self medicating for seasonal affective disorder? Too bad no one told her that you don't have to be kookie about it, just wait until after the date or get a table outside. You are not a hippie sunchild, you can go for days without it if you must.

  4. Ipdar, no, she's just another whacko that OP was smart to avoid

    1. But, but, wackos are the best entertainment ever. It's fun to keep some around and watch them do their twitchy things. That's why I come to the comment section.


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