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Profile Sent in by Robert:

About me:

After thinking about it for a while I have decided to write this profile. Maybe I will meet my future husband here? Instead I chew ice. Friends tell me that lots of ice chewing is the sign of love frustration. I am on the fence about the idea. On one hand ice will never let me down. It is cold and chewy. A man is warm but will let me down over and over again. Ice cannot warm the bed but a man can. But so can a pet. Maybe I will just buy a pet instead. I just figured out what I will do. No man needed anymore. Do not message me.


  1. She'll change her mind when her pet rejects her and her chewing ice in the bed.

  2. Chewy ice? What the hell are you putting in ice? Ice is crunchy. You're doing it wrong.


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