I Meant Her CLOTHING Rack. Jeez.

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Story Sent in by Flossie:

I was at a sidewalk cafe with Rob on our first date and he seemed pretty nice and normal. Our waitress's name was Sammi and she gave us good service. When she delivered our bill, he put down his card and wrote a note on the back of the receipt. I figured it was just like, "Thanks for the good service" or something like that. Sammi came by and took it.

A different waitress returned with the slip for him to sign. Rob said, "You're not Sammi."

"No," the waitress said, "And you need to sign this and leave."

"Why?" Rob asked.

"You know why," the waitress snapped. Instantly I realized that Rob must have written something inappropriate on the check.

"What did you write?" I asked him.

He didn't answer but he signed his name as the new waitress watched and then she took it. "Now leave," she said.

"Can I finish my water, first?" Rob asked. He took an especially long time to finish his water, and then we stood up and left.

When we were away I asked him, "What was that all about?"

He said, "Just typical woman b.s. Getting bent out of shape about nothing."

"What was the 'nothing' you wrote on the check?"

"I wrote that she had a nice rack. That's all. Nothing to get bent out of shape about."

"It actually kind of is."

He groaned and said, "Great. Now you're gonna be all like that, too. It was a compliment. That's all."

I tried to convince him how such a "compliment" was actually screamingly untoward, but he refused to see it that way. As for me, I refused to go out with him a second time.


  1. Bullet dodged. Hope OP went back and checked to see if he tipped.

  2. Eh, in my experience, guys who think 'nice rack' is a viable complement aren't going to be persuaded that it's not. However, props to OP for trying! (and for not going out with him again)


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