Chance of Shower

Story Sent in by Lucius:

The first time Amelia came over to my place was our second date, and I was a bit of a wreck. I cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, made my bed, and even straightened out my shoes in the bedroom closet. Just in case. Of what? Dunno.

We ordered in and I threw in a movie. When it was almost over she said she needed to use the bathroom. I paused the movie and waited. And waited. And waited.

Then I heard the shower turn on. It was the last thing I had expected. I knocked on my bathroom door and asked if everything was well.

She said, "Yeah! Just taking a shower. Be out in a few."

I was confused at first. Then I figured it was good news. She trusted me and this was likely a prelude to her sleeping over. Unexpected! But great. Really, really great. I double-checked the bedroom. Everything was clean. Did it need a candle? A couple candles? Did I straighten out my shoes in the closet enough?

When she finished with her shower she emerged from the bathroom in her clothes. "Ready to finish the movie?"

I was more ready to jump into bed with her, but we finished the movie and then I moved close as if to kiss her.

She nudged me away, a clear signal that she wasn't into it. I asked her if everything was all right.

She said, "Fine. Why?"

"Um, you took a shower."


"You used my soap."



"I wanted to shower. You thought—oh no! You thought that meant... oh, God. I'm sorry. No, I just wanted to take a shower. That was it!"

"We stopped the film so you could take a shower?"

"I just wanted to take a shower. I'm sorry I used your soap."

"It's... okay. Yeah. So that was it? You just randomly took a shower?"

"It wasn't random. I like being clean."


She left not long afterward, and I never called her again.


  1. men supposes, girls disposes. she prolly didn't want a guy who like dirty girls. lol :p

  2. I would have thought the same thing OP, don't feel bad.

    Also, you know she used your toothbrush, right?

  3. I suspect something messy happened in the bathroom and she wanted to wash off, which is weird, but... why all the concern about her using your soap? Is it unicorn milk soap or something>

  4. I'm sure if she was showering for sexy time, she'd have invited you in with her to use the forbidden, luxury soap.


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