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I'm a soccer coach at a local high school, I teach soccer at camp during the summer, and I play in a league on the weekends. It might sound that soccer is my life but I assure you I have other interests. I like to paint (no I don't paint only soccer subjects) and I love to hike around the area. I own a kayak I like taking out on the McKenzie and other area rivers. I suppose being active is my thing but I don't mind having an off day where I can just put my feet up and enjoy the time with someone special.

I promise you don't have to be a soccer player to be the one for me. But I suppose my ideal woman would at least like being active outside rain or shine. I want to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible and camp out when I can. I'm very up for sharing hobbies and trying new things if you are. THIS IS MY NEPHEW'S PROFILE AND HE IS GAY.


  1. If I can just find the right girl for my nephew I'm sure he'll get over this whole "gay" thing.


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