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Story Sent in by Don:

In an unusual occurrence, Amanda wrote me a first message on a dating site. It was full of questions and I answered them all as best as I could in my response. I also asked her a bit about herself, as her profile essays were sparse.

She didn't write back for a couple of days but when she did she asked me if I wanted to meet up. She didn't provide answers to anything I had asked at all. But she wanted to meet for coffee and so we made a date.

On the date she was really evasive when I asked her anything about herself. She only hinted at what she did ("I work in the people industry"), she wouldn't give me specifics about her favorite books, ("Anything with a good story"), and she wouldn't even tell me anything about her family ("Yes, I have a mom and dad"). In short, she was really guarded and I wondered what I was doing on the date at all.

"You're pretty guarded," I observed out loud.

She said, "I'm a private person."

"But I'm not really learning much about you."

She said, "You've learned that I'm guarded. That might be my biggest attribute."

"No argument there."

I wrapped up the meeting pretty quickly after that. We walked outside, she hugged me goodbye, and I told her, "I look forward to not-learning-about-you again, sometime."

"Never!" she yelled into my face before breaking off into a panicked run. I can't see too many people opting for a second date with her, but for some reason I guess that's what she wants.


  1. Why do people like this even bother setting up a profile on a dating site? I've always wanted to know.

  2. ^ Part of their therapy treatment?

  3. some pple are just very shy with internet strangers. he should get a girl who constantly blabs about herself, and see how he likes it. :p

  4. ^Because goodness knows, it's only ever a choice between one or the other.

  5. Yeah, there are certain things I can't divulge about my life (such as what company I work for) or things that I DON'T want to divulge, but inconsequential things like books I enjoy? That's going a bit too far. What's the point of dating, if you're going to be like that?

    That being said, I had a guy tell me his life story for 20 minutes straight.


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