Punch and Judy

Story Sent in by Judy:

Troy really took the time to chat me up online and over the phone. We spoke almost every day for about three weeks and we finally met in the flesh on a Friday night. He took me to a bar that had dancing after 11.

We talked for a couple of hours and when the dancing started we made for the dance floor. The first few songs were great fun. A lot of people were there and it was hard to not bump against others. But no one seemed to care.

Well, no one with one exception. Troy had a way of shoving himself in between me and other guys, almost as if he was afraid they'd put the moves on me out-of-hand at any moment. It was a little creepy but every time I moved a little away from him, I found him pressing against me moments later and pushing other guys away.

It didn't take long for another guy to push him back, and to my horror, it devolved into a shoving and punching match. They both wound up on the floor and both were yanked out of there in short order.

As for me, I stayed behind to dance a little while longer. I was having a good time, after all. A couple of guys even offered to buy me drinks! Once I was done, I left by a rear door, made my way to my car, and drove off.

Troy never contacted me again.


  1. Violence is never the answer and your date should not have been so possessive and clingy. That being said, not sure what it is about OP that gives me the bitch vibe, but that's what I get.

  2. I think it's the whole end about how she was able to get guys to buy her drinks.

  3. I can see why he wanted to stick close. We all remember what happened last time he was out dancing with a girl.


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