A Man's Home Is His Barracks

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About Me:

When I was a soldier I followed orders. I no longer have a commanding officer but I am now my own commanding officer and I need you to follow my orders. It is simple. I will take care of you and you will take care of me to the maximum of your ability. When I am hungry, you will feed. When I am tired, you will make my bed. When I am hungry for coitus, you will open your legs. I will give you a simple life untroubled by the troubles of the world. Your only trouble will be breaking any of my simple rules. But people are simple creatures and I know that maybe with a bit of learning you will be a big girl and learn what you need. You will like my house.


  1. If this person was on FetLife, I'm sure he'd get plenty of dates.

    1. And if he can find a woman whose kinks match his, more power to him.

      But this is not the sort of progile that would actually attract any submissive woman I've ever met. This guy appears to be looking for a doormat, not a sub.

    2. Er, profile, not "progile". :P

  2. "......When I am hungry for coitus, you will open your legs....." Uh, yeah no. That is so wrong on so many levels of that comment.


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