Personality Traitors

Story Sent in by Derek:

I wrote to Elizabeth online and we spoke for a couple of weeks by message and then by phone. I shortly planned to ask her out to dinner.

One night, I received a phone call from my Uncle Bart. He told me that a girl had called him just minutes before to ask him some personal questions about me.

He told me, "I didn't answer anything but she asked me if you were seeing anyone and if you were employed. I asked her for her name and how she got my number and she hung up."

That was strange, and I asked him what the girl sounded like. He said, "Like a crazy girl," which didn't really help.

The next morning, one of my female friends emailed me to say that she had also received a call from a weird girl the prior night. The girl had refused to identify herself and asked my friend a barrage of questions about me.

I called Elizabeth not long after to ask her if she had somehow found the numbers to my uncle and my friend and called them.

Elizabeth was quiet for a few moments then said, "You know, they hanged traitors during the Revolution. I can't keep talking to a guy with traitor friends," and she hung up on me.

I was seriously creeped out that she had found the phone numbers to two people close to me, and I'm not sure how she did it. But thankfully, she showed me the crazy before it was too late.


  1. And you didn't even see what she did to your cat to get information out of her while you were at work. Bullet dodged, OP.

  2. It's called the Internet. If you have enough information about someone, you can find just about anything.


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