Gag Order

Story Sent in by Amy:

I was out to dinner on a first date with Francis. Everything was going well, but midway through the meal I felt nauseous. I excused myself to go to the bathroom but I didn't puke. After sitting on the toilet for several minutes I felt a little better and then returned to the table.

Not long after, another wave of nausea hit and I near-ran back to the restroom. I really thought I was going to puke, but it still held back. Bottom line, I had some sort of gastrointestinal issue and I needed to leave.

Wobble-legged, I returned to the table and was able to mumble out a request for Francis to drive me home. We had both driven there separately, but there was no way I'd be able to drive myself anywhere in that state. He paid for the meal then helped me into his car.

My apartment wasn't too far away and as he drove he said, "You'll let me come in and take care of you."

I mumbled a weak, "It's okay. I just have to rest."

"I insist. I'll stay over. And once you're better you can thank me proper," and so saying, he scratched at my shoulder in a seriously creepy way.

For whatever reason, that was the moment my body decided to convulse and puke between my legs, all over the floor of his car.

He shouted and pulled over. "Get out!" he screamed, "Get out!"

Shuddering, miserable, and sick, I stepped out of his car and he sped away. I sank to the curb, called a friend, and thankfully he was quick to come pick me up and bring me home.

I was still out of it over the next day, and Francis texted me, "U ok?"

I didn't reply. If anyone deserved to have a puke-covered car, he did. I recovered just fine after another couple of days and didn't ever see Francis again.


  1. *eyes this one suspiciously*....She had th' trots, and she returns to the table "wobbly-legged", cannot drive, "...my body decided to convulse...", "shuddering", and "sank to the curb" ~ Oh the humanity ! Such a melodramatic evening ! I'm not buying it --- she acts like she had Ebola. I hope he was able to remove all traces of her freaky DNA from his car. He's lucky to have escaped this crybaby.

  2. @ La Mer - At least she didn't blow it out the other end :-)

  3. *shudders into convulsive spasms at the mere suggestion* ~ :) @ Architect


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