Email Sent in by Mary:

Hello Mary. It's been said that I'm gay. At least two of my friends think I am and have said so to my FACE. What friends right? Anyway I want to take a few women out to prove to these eediots that I am not gay. That's where you come in.

I propose we go out on a date or two and I take a few photos of us. They can be photos of us eating, laughing, having a good time. You know like facebook photos. If there end up being photos of us naked then so much the better. Women have asked me before if they will be paid for this. What superficial money grubbers! You will be spending time with a nice funny attractive guy. I will not and will never ask you to pay for me. We will have a good time, snap a few shots and then go our separate ways forever. If you're in let me know. My schedule is booking up fast!

Love love love,

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