I Love Happy Friendings

Story Sent in by Carlton:

I went on a couple of dates with Ann, wasn't really feeling it, gave her the "we should be friends" line, she took it well, and that was the end of it.

Only it wasn't really. At the time, I worked at a liquor store and she came in a couple of days after I had last spoken to her. She asked me what I was up to.

"Working," I told her.

"Wanna go out later?"

I had plans with friends later, and I told her that I'd be busy.

"Busy doing what? Out on a date?"

"No. Just out with friends."

"I'll come! When and where?"

I said, "It's just going to be me with my friends. I'm sorry."

"But you and I are friends. You said so when you broke things off on Monday. Remember?"


She asked, "So when and where are we meeting up later?"

"We're not. I'm just going out with friends. I'll call you when I want to hang out with you."

She asked, "So you didn't mean it when you said we'd be friends?"

As mentioned, I was at work. I didn't really want to have this conversation at that time. I said, "I'll call you. I promise." I meant it. I'd call her. Sometime.

She said, "I want to hang out tonight. You said we were friends and we're hanging out tonight. Friends hang out. At night. We're friends, and we're hanging out. Are we friends or aren't we?"

"Not if you're going to keep acting like this."

She asked again, "Where and when tonight? That's all I'm asking. Where and when? Just tell me where and when. Tell me where and when."

I told her, "Six hundred Greenwood Terrace, Middletown." Middletown was at least 30 miles away. I named that address because there was a restaurant there and I had one of its matchbooks in my car.

"See you then!" she said, then planted a quick kiss on my chin and left.

She texted me a few times that night asking where we were, what time we'd be arriving, and so on. The texts stopped eventually. Guess she took the hint.


  1. Dont b mean u shouldve done ur dance with her just once lol :p

  2. Yeah she was a little kooky but I've got no sympathy for OP or anyone else who uses "Let's just be friends" as a euphemism for "I never want to see you again." You brought this on yourself.

    1. Not to mention giving an address and deliberately standing her up.


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