Dinner, a Movie, and That Other Thing

Email Sent in by Ali:

Dear Ali,

Thanks for writing. I am a teacher of childrens theatre at three schools and at a summer camp. I love working with the kids and makes me feel like I'm really making a difference. A lot of them come from broken homes or worse and they really look forward to the activities and improv and dancing that we do. I really love it!

Just to clear the air: I will let you put it in the butt ONCE. It can be our wedding night or our first time or our last time. When is up to you. But that will be the first last and only time I will let you put it in the butt.

So tell me more about yourself. What's the biggest difference you've found being a transplant to the area? I've always thought about moving east but a few trips there to visit boyfriends convinced me that my pace matches the west coast best.



  1. Ooh, a keeper! Haven't read a cheery story in a long while!

  2. ^ Definitely a keeper! Ali was probably tripping over himself to get to a computer and respond to that one.

    Alternate title for JMG: At least she isn't a tight ass?


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