Bats in the Belfry

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About Me

You could call me a modern day lord of the flies. Let's just say if I was trapped on a desert island the children would elect me their leader. What I can say about myself? I am daring and honest and will tell it like it is. I can strut across stages if a world with shirtless and if I go slow the women like it all the more. Once to prove I am daring I went to a cousins house and she said there was a ghost bat in her attic bedroom. When I went to talk to it I found out it was not a ghost but a fake less than not yet delightfully anticipated! That cousin is not an attorney and I am now a landlord so there is what happens when we grow up.


  1. It sounds like bits of text copied and pasted from various sources. So, Google Translate?

  2. All hail Lord of the Open Flies!


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